Nelonen Media includes viewer participation for 'The Voice of Finland'

The Voice of FinlandLet's talk about another noteworthy project coming out of Finland recently. Nelonen Media is integrating Facebook and Twitter comments into the hit show 'The Voice of Finland' using's Social TV platform. The audience participates by sending their comments via Twitter using the relevant hashtag, and via the show's Facebook page.

The viewers' comments, which are part of the interactive elements that engage the audience, will continue until the finale.

“It has almost become standard procedure to have Tweets and viewer comments displayed in real time on big live shows, such as The Voice of Finland.” – Tatu Ferchen, Executive Producer of The Voice of Finland, Nelonen Media

It’s fantastic for us to be able to communicate live with the viewers, and it gives the viewer a chance to move from being passive to active.

“As the show progresses, and the number of singers in the show go down, we’ll have even more time to focus on the Tweets within the show,” says Tatu.

“The Voice of Finland is a great format to get the audience involved. The social media buzz surrounding the show is perfect for audience participation” – Janice J. Gundersen, Director of Business,

This is the second show in which Nelonen Media is using the Interactivity Suite, following 'So You Think You Can Dance' which aired last Autumn.

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Images and video courtesy of Nelonen Media.