Introducing Zach

We are proud to welcome Zachary Weiner as our new Director of Marketing. Zach has acted as a creator and incubator of several marketing and advertising consultancies that span the … Continue Reading →

Politics of Multimedia Strategy TV 2.0

Voters are now more connected to candidates and political discourse than ever before! January has been declared the 21st Century Statecraft Month with Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, clarifying that the initiative aims … Continue Reading →

Does Facebook really belong on the TV screen?

  The TV has always been a social scene where families and friends have gathered to be entertained. This is the primary screen source when seeking entertainment. The large screen … Continue Reading →

Media Multitasking: Peripheral Attention Span

Hi everyone, my name is Sarah Louise. I’ll be perceptively writing about Social TV trends as they emerge. I can’t wait to hear your comments in response to the topics … Continue Reading →

Introducing Sarah

It’s great fun to be a part of an emerging trend or technology, especially one like Social TV. So many things change in the course of one week – new … Continue Reading →

Scandinavian Digital Signage Summit

Hi everyone, Janice here from HQ. Last week I participated the Scandinavian Digital Signage Summit hosted by in Copenhagen. The message and focus on interactivity driven by social … Continue Reading →

What Social TV Isn’t

The continual growth of Social TV is most interesting, we’ve not seen an industry wide buzz term like this in a while… unless you count 3D (which they will have … Continue Reading →

Videonet interview with

It’s no secret that every one is fighting for the second screen. Lars, in this interview with videonet is detailing why broadcasters need to make the best second screen experience. … Continue Reading →